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The way we make a difference


"Growing up, I saw first hand the impact a good guide can have in someone's life. My father was and still is a broker for real estate auctions. Throughout his life, the way he served his clients made a difference for their families." 

"When I founded Golden Shield, I knew that serving families and Elder Law attorneys was more than an important business—it was a way of being there for people at one of the most vulnerable times of their life. "

"Today, I have my own family. I'm blessed to be married to my wife Ginny and our four children. We would do anything to protect them. Planning for their inheritance and our own welfare in our golden years is a way that we ensure we love our family best. But the process can be confusing. I know your clients feel the same way."

"At Golden Shield, we take the confusion out of the process by offering customized products that meet your client's specific needs. And we provide a powerhouse marketing plan to help you promote your services. It's what we've done successfully for hundreds of families and Elder Law attorneys. We are your partners for life—for our client's lives. "

"Let us come along side you and prove what Golden Shield can do for your business and your families."



Care for your family and yourself

Planning for your future is the most selfless thing you can do. Ensure your assets are protected and that your heirs don't lose their inheritance to taxes. We can create a custom plan for you that also ensures your healthcare costs, disability and long-term care needs are met.

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